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TheGhostWriters is the UK's top-notch book publication company with 10 years of publishing experience under its belt. Our publishing house lets you concentrate on penning a manuscript while we take care of the designing, editing, formatting, and publishing parts. With us, you can get your thriller, horror, romance, science fiction, or any genre book distributed across any platforms like Amazon, Ingram Spark, Apple Books, etc., just in a few weeks. Trust the book publishing experts here today!

We outrank all book publishing agencies in the UK & worldwide for our expertise in every genre!

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Make your best-seller reach millions of readers by trusting the right book publishing service providers in UK.

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Fly To New Heights Of Literary Success With British Book Publishing Service

Why confine your masterpiece when it's meant to fly to new heights of success? Our professional book publishing company can be the wind beneath your wings to help you unlock literary success. We aim to make your publication journey very exciting. When you work with the book publishing experts here, you are given complete control about where to publish, when to publish, who to target and how to price. You dictate to us the requirements, and we sail your authorship according to your vision.

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Our Process Is The Simplest Among All Book Publishing Companies
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Tell Us About Your Book

We are all ears, 24/7, available online to hear about your manuscript, the genre, and the platform you wish to publish your book. We evaluate the requirements and strategise the process for your approval.

We Format The Book

We prepare the book according to your desired platform and genre. If you choose more than one platform, we'll make several formatted copies of your manuscript to meet the varying standards.

Get Your Book Live

After the book is prepared, we pitch your book on the platform and get it live within 72 hours or less. Just in rare cases if the book is rejected, we look into the issues, fix them and re-publish your book.

Capture Your Audience By Working With Top Book Publishers Of UK – Prices Start From $ 699

With the power of our Amazon book publisher services, we'll help you capture your audience! Don't know where to start from? Let our consultants help you out.

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Why Choose Us?We Are The Best Of Amazon Self-Publishing Services In UK For 6 Reasons

There are uncountable publishing companies that help the author get their books live. But not all publishers are worth trusting your valuable masterpiece. Some of them would keep you waiting forever or charge you sky-high prices. But the case here is different. We offer everything, from book ghostwriter services to editing & publishing. Our agency has made its unique mark for the following reasons:

  • Expertise over 20+ platforms
  • We publish every genre
  • Transparent procedure
  • You keep 100% royalties
  • Free initial consultations
  • Affordable packages
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Our Reviews
Check Britons Reviewing Our Professional Book Publishing Company

Not every publisher was agreeing to publish my book based on religion.
Only this book publishing company did it. I appreciate their efforts.
The process was smooth, affordable and very fast.

Alice Oliver Content Writer

The best poetry book publishers I've ever hired!
I thought I'd never be able to get my poetry published
due to the complexities included in it.
But this publisher made my dream come true in no time.

Cecil AdaEbook Writer

I must say, these book publishers are really professionals! Since I am a newbie,
their consultants guided me well throughout the process
and ensured I was happy with their service. 100% satisfied!

Jerry PeterFiction Writer

A real quick book publishing service in London, UK.
They edited, formatted and designed my book's cover
within days and pitched the book within a week.
Indeed, it was a pleasant experience while working with them.

Silas AgnesDissertaion Writer

I am really surprised at this Amazon self-publishing service.
The prices are so economical, and they keep no share of royalties.
Such perks are very rare to experience!
A must-try service as they are pretty reliable.

Brooks Noble Essay Writer

Publishing Your Book On Amazon With Us Will Make The World Familiar About Your Masterpiece

Publishing your book on Amazon, all by yourself, might help you save a few bucks – but the damage it might bring will be irreversible. That's because Amazon's Kindle direct publishing comes with several complexities. Each day, authors from every part of the world pitch their book masterpieces to the platform with high hopes of getting them accepted. The platform has high standards and doesn't accept every publication. The formatting, image size, language, book cover, and book interior must be up to par. Getting everything on point isn't a craft for everyone. Hence, it's important to rely on professionals like us to publish books on Amazon. Tell our experts to 'publish my book' & we'll get your book live on the platform of your wish.

Publish Books On Amazon To Set The Stage For Your Best-Seller At Market's Best Prices

Whether you are considering an Amazon publishing agency to hire or want poetry book publishers to get your poem published in famous poetry magazines, we can be your one-stop destination. We help authors set the stage for success for their masterpieces, without requiring them to overspend. With us, publishing your book on Amazon and all other platforms is always light on your pocket. Here's how we manage to offer affordable prices to the customers:

  • In case you are unsure about the right package to pick, we'll suggest you, depending on your needs
  • No extra charges are implemented in case of edits or revisions. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
  • We customise the quote according to the requirements of the author so they get the best value for their money
  • Publish your book online by hiring the best professionals who'll help you get all the limelight at half the market price. Don't trust us? Send us a book and witness the lowest pricing yourself!

Confused? FAQs About Our Amazon KDP Publishing Will Help You Out!

Do you want to tell us to 'publish my book online', but the confusion prevents you from doing so? No issues; customers (especially the newbies) often come across several queries when it comes to publishing. Therefore, we have resolved the commonly raised queries to ease your decision making process. Go through the FAQs, and we are sure they'll help you. But just in case you don't find what you were looking for, then let us know, and we'll resolve the issue for you:

I am looking for a book publishing service near me in Manchester. Can you help?

Our top-rated book publication company serves UK-wide. This means whether you live in London, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, or any part of the world, you can consider relying on us. Geographical bounds are never a problem for us. We serve our customers online 24/7 to ensure no query is ever left unattended.

I am searching for poetry publishing companies, do you publish poems and poetries?

Yes! We help the poets get their poetry published on their favourite platform, magazines and famous journals. We have catered to some of the well-known poets of the town and helped them catapult their writing towards massed. Hence, you can consider us for poem publishing as well.

Who will have the ownership of the book you publish, and do you claim royalties?

Only you will have the rights to the book! Even if you hire our eBook ghostwriting company, we'll never claim any rights over the book written for you. And in both cases (i.e. publishing and writing), we never claim the royalties. You keep all the profits, no matter how many copies you sell.

How much do your book publishers in London charge for publishing a book?

The prices of our book publishing start from $ 699, however, the final pricing would vary depending upon several factors like the complexity of the order, the number of platforms you pick, the editing required to make the book publish ready and more.

What if Amazon rejects my book? Will you take the responsibility?

Yes, we take 100% responsibility in case you hire our book publishing services. We stand by our services and ensure the customer is satisfied with our service. In rare cases, if the book gets rejected for any possible reason, we will look into the reason and re-publish your book until you are 100% satisfied.

Your Book Is 100% Secured HereNo one will know, we published it for you.

We keep the secrets tight and secure.

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Not Sure If Your Book Is Publishing-Worthy? Send It To Us For Free Review & Consultation Session

You have a great idea in your head – but you haven't penned it down yet because you believe it's too basic to be published. Or perhaps, you have written a book, and you aren't feeling confident enough because you think your book is crap. Whatever the scenario is, you can confidently send us your book to help make the decision.

  • If you have written your book and you aren't sure about it, send it to us, and we'll share the feedback
  • In case the concept is worthy enough but your write-up needs some refinement, we'll fix the issue
  • If you haven't started writing, but you have an idea, share it with us, and we'll write it with you
  • Once we have written a book, we'll help you get it published as well!